After being cooped up indoors for months, not only are you ready for a day out, your furry best friend is probably feeling the same way too! Good news: Benicia is one of the most dog-friendly destinations around, and it's an easy day trip from anywhere in the bay area!

Why not treat your dog (and yourself) to a long-overdue escape by the bay? Here are some of the best dog-friendly spots in Benicia:

First Street Beach

Looking for a dip in the water? Dogs are allowed to swim in the water off-leash at the First Street Beach, below the Promenade that heads to the pier. Keep your pup on a leash as you stroll down First Street until you reach the beach, but once there, let your dog run free! Take a stroll along the shoreline or dip into the bay while taking in the scenic views of the Carquinez Strait.

Treats and Grooming

Stop by Pups and Purrz for a treat! They are open Wednesday-Monday, 10am-4pm for all your pets’ needs. From supplies to accessories, to all-natural dog food (or even a new outfit), Pups and Purrz has everything to make sure your dog enjoys their day trip just as much as the rest of your family!

Benicia State Recreation Area

With two and a half miles of roads and bike paths, Benicia State Recreation Area is the perfect place to stay active with your furry best friend. Dogs do have to remain on a leash that’s under six-feet at all times, but the grassy hillsides and beaches make for a great place to stretch out and stay active.

Hungry? Grab a Hot Dog from Char’s and a Beer from Cullen’s Tannery Pub & Saloon

Come by Cullen’s for beer from their pub and hot dogs from Char's to-go at the Tannery Building. The courtyard patio is dog-friendly, so you and your pup can enjoy some amazing hot dogs and beer with great views of the water or picnic by the waterfront.

(Image courtesy of: Cullen's Tannery & Pub Saloon)

Phenix Dog Park

The Phenix Dog Park at the Community Park has reopened for community use! While maintaining six-feet from other human visitors, dogs are able to run around off-leash with other doggy friends. Named after the late police dog “Phenix,” the park provides over an acre of room for your dog to run free. The dog park is fully fenced with sections for both large and small dogs.